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Top Flight Drone Technologies

When you think about drones, you might think of the quad-rotor with its four individual electric motors, each driving a propeller. When discussing...


Best Movie Gadgets of All Time

Gadgets and movies have gone hand in hand for decades, with the most imaginative cinematic creatives coming up with outlandish gizmos to wow...

est élu président de la

est élu président de la

Le conseiller fédéral Guy Parmelin va succéder à Simonetta Sommaruga en tant que président de la Confédération en 2021. Son entrée en fonction est...

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How to Boost American AI In One Easy Step

As the federal government considers spending tens of billions of dollars to counter China and boost U.S. “critical technologies” like artificial intelligence, advocates have all but ignored perhaps the easiest and most cost‐​effective way to do both: substantially expanding immigration...

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